How much luggage can we bring?

This is a cycling trip, so you won’t need to bring anything fancy! We find that it is best to travel light with cycling trips. It makes repacking to change hotels easier. Don’t worry about your fellow travelers seeing you in the same stuff during the trip. They (and we at Adventures in Tandem) will be doing the same thing! You will be amazed at how freeing it is not to have to spend a long time agonizing over what to wear! We give a prize to the team with the least amount of combined luggage. (No worries, we will make sure that the prize is something that can fit in your luggage!)

We permit one suitcase – up to 40 pounds – and one personal item such as a small backpack or pocketbook per person. On days that we change hotels, we will pick up your bags around 9am and have them at the hotel by mid to late afternoon. We will do our best not to damage any luggage; however, it is possible for there to be scratches or other minor damage. Adventures in Tandem LLC is not responsible for any luggage damage.