She’s Not Pedaling!

We’ve all heard it – “She’s not pedaling!” I actually like to hear that. At least people see us on the road. I usually say something like, “You mean I need to pedal too?!!!” or “SHHH! He didn’t know!” But I also keep track of what other things people have said to us on the bike. Here are some of my favorites:

  • “Hey, bet you’ve never heard this before — he’s not pedaling!”
  • “The one who’s pedaling is the stupid one.”
  • “The stoker’s always right!”
  • “My wife doesn’t love me enough to do that!”
  • “That’s the life!”
  • “You’re cheating!”
  • “She’s gaining on you!”
  • “Hey, your bikes are glued together!”
  • When we were in Australia we heard, “Mate, the girl in the back’s not pedaling!” (Mike liked being called “Mate” and I liked being called a “girl”.)
  • Here’s my favorite: “Get a room, you two! Get a room!”

If you have any favorites that are not on this list, email them to or post them on our Facebook page. Maybe we will make these into a word cloud.

Here are some others that have been submitted by you!

  • Pedal faster, she’s still right behind you!

And how about some great responses to “She’s not pedaling”:

  • Neither am I and I don’t know what’s making this thing go.